CF begins to deny allowed applications during the work

Sometimes I have effect when during the long work time with allowed applications (Opera 9.2, Far 1.7, The Bat! 3.83), which periodically open new connections, Comodo Firewall begins to deny them. For further work I need switch “Allow all” or fully close this application and restart it again.

I have secondary firewall – Kerio Winroute Firewall (it is more suitable for me for configuring network adress-port rules and can filter http-queries). That is why this bug is not so critical for me. But, in general, I think it is security bug, when user “Allows all” if can’t to restart application, because need for long time to save current application state.

It seems that Comodo Firewall begins deny traffic for allowed applications when any of them opens more then one network stream same time.