CF and Multiple users on Windows XP

First let me say that I am very pleased and excited about Comodo Fire wall. I would recommend it to anyone.

I read in a review, not in this forum, an individual claim that their email was not scanned by thier virus program when they logged on with another user still active. This is not so. Although a special icon does not appear in your system tray, the virus icon itself indicates activity. Also, by opening the virus programs control panel, you can visually see the subject and sender of each inbound email as it is scanned. Also, I have my viruse program set to add text at the bottom of each inboud email, indicating that the email has indeed been scanned.

Why the “special” icon doesn’t appear is beyond me, but the emails are definatly scanned. I don’t know if this has been mentioned in this form, if so I couldn’t find it. So I thought I’d just tose it out here.

Again; Windows XP Home Edition, SP2 using multiple user log ons, all active, the email is scanned. You just don’t have the comfort of the “special” icon being present.

Thank you,