CF 5.3.xxxx.1237 must be disabled on sp1 (?)

Hi, just installed on a PC Windows Ultimate x86 sp1 and the latest version of Comodo.

I had to disable completely the firewall because any application (utorrent installer, ask toolbar, live essential 2011, ecc) continue to gave me a CF allert.
Doesn’t matter if “remember my answer” was checked, either I choose “allow” and “trusted application” setted, every 10 seconds I had to shoot with the CF’s allerts.

So finally I decide to disable CF at all, otherwise I can’t continue with my job.

If win 7 sp1 rtm was released months ago, why CIS is still not compatible with it??

If before sp1 I was just bored to get an allert for System at every boot (see my other topic still not solved), now I’m at the corner with no firewall (or I can use windows one) at all >:(

SP 1 was actually released not too long ago; at February 22nd. There has been a leak of a supposed final in December or so but was not official.

Not sure what is going on but it sounds you are running both Firewall and D+ is Paranoid mode. What configuration are you using? Look under More → Manage My Configurations to see which one is active.

Tks a lot for your answer.

No, I’m running D+ in Safety and Firewall in Custom, Paranoid is a big nightmare, you can’t use the pc at all in that configuration!!

Yes, the sp1 was released on 22nd of February, the official one, but the RTM was released at least 40 days before and anyone can download it at that time, how is possible that CIS team did not start to test CIS on sp1 RTM? I think the differences from the official sp1 and the RTM one are very few, why don’t go forward with the job on CIS?

Anyway, also before the sp1 I had some app on my PC that anytime one of them runs, CF pop an alert, also if everytime I answered Trusted App and remember my answer.
So, the problem was already present before the sp1, now the MS big update for seven put the CIS in the condition close to be unuseful, boring and crazy, more than before

Installing SP1 did not get hindered by CIS (I had to deal with a different problem first before I could successfully install SP1).

It sounds like may be your CIS installation got corrupted. Try importing a factory default configuration under Manage My Configurations. They configs can be found in the CIS installation folder. Give the config a name like CIS Internet Security Test or something along those lines. See what happens when you activate the freshly introduced config.