CF 3.5.53896.424 questions [RESOLVED]


i installed the new CIS (Firewall only). Now i got the “C.o.m.o.d.o. Firewall” (CF). The Version earlier (CFP shows me in the title C.o.m.o.d.o. Firewall Professional. What are the differences between these version?

With installation of the CFP 3.5.53896.424 the cmdagent.exe connects the verisign, why? Automatic updates are disabled, defense+ is inactive, automatically submit the files in the submission… is also diabled…

Hi etry Welcome to the forums.

Yes it’s now just “COMODO Firewall”. I don’t understand about your versign issue, can you provide more information?


there was an outgoing request from cmdagent.exe to the destination ip from verisign. i disabled all automatic updates of CF, why tried cmdagent.exe to go out?

It’s a guess but i think Windows is trying to verify the Cert in the installer.

It’s a bug and will be fixed.


… cfp.exe also connects to a ip of comodo (see attachment).

all automatically updates, automatically online lookups and automatically submit the files in the submission queue are disabled…(see attach 2)

Is it Bug too?

[attachment deleted by admin]

It’s the same bug. BTW, paranoia FTW and disabling all updates for a security suite as well. People, get a clue. 88)