CEVPN for use in internet-restricted countries?

I spend a lot of my time working in China, and I’m sure everyone here understands what that means as far as net access.

I’d like to use a vpn to connect to a computer here in the States, and surf the net through my connection to the Stateside computer, but I’m not sure how to go about making CEVPN do that for me. I’ve read through all the help info and the forums, but I’m not seeing anything, and since CEVPN doesn’t show up in Network Connections, my normal things that I’d try (bridging, etc) are out of the question.

Is it possible for me to surf the net through a CEVPN connection to a US computer?

Seriously? Nobody has a comment on this?

Is what I’m asking about impossible?

Hi IcarusSC,

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I think you would find Psiphon to be right up your alley :wink: