CESM not seeing CIS as installed...when it already installed it.

My CESM has gone wonky. Worked great for a couple of weeks. First symptom was that it would no longer remotely connect to the desktops of endpoints.

Now, it reports that it doesn’t have CIS on itself (a Win7 Ultimate 64bit desktop). I had no uninstalled, but I repushed. Twice. Both times, CESM requested reboot, and then on opening the app again, shows (still) as CIS uninstalled.

Not sure what my next move will be.


Could you please post:-

  1. Version of ESM you are running
  2. Version of CES running on the EP (endpoint)
  3. OS, CPU, RAM & HDD free space of the ESM server host
  4. SQL DB instance type i.e. are you running the SQL LocalDB installed on the ESM host or are you running SQL Express 2008/2012 on the same host as ESM server or are you running SQL Express on a different host
  5. SQL DB (database) size

Thank you,