CES 6.0.268128.2731 update to CIS 6.2.282872.2847

In one of my endpoint, I received the notification of a new update.
So I accepted the update, and it brought me to version 6.2.282872.2847 which was released yesterday (or today, cant remember when).

This shouldnt happen as CES is working different now from CIS in management.
The endpoint lost the policies, and has a really bad installation of the new version of CIS. For example, no names for scheduled scans, and cannot add them. No names for folders/groups protected by HIPS, and so on… virtual kiosk is gone.

I guess there should be a way for COMODO to realease CIS updates and to avoid this update to reach CES users because it ruins the installation.

Hi w-e-v

Apologies for the delayed reply…

This issue has been passed to CIS devs, CES devs & ESM devs. Will get back to you a.s.a.p.


Hi w-e-v,

Did you do the update through ESM or locally on the endpoint?


Locally at the end point. There is where the update message request was shown.

I see-

There was a CES update that should not have been released and was withdrawn after a couple of hours.

The update was not exposed to ESM so there was no ability for ESM admins to deploy.


How can the items be solve because otherwise endpoints are still requesting the upgrade?


Do you have notifications disabled in the policy assigned to those endpoints?
Do you have the endpoint’s policy dictating that they should get their updates from ESM first, then download.comodo.com?


Is that upgrade of CESM ready for public use?

Hi reelgriff,

Please bear with us while we do internal testing of version 3.0.60702.3. We will be releasing a little later this coming week to our MSPs for private testing and then public release shortly thereafter.

Thank you for your patience.



No, only from download.comodo.com. All endpoints are not in the same local network (not one).
Server is located in one country, and all endpoints are spread all over the world. So, to save server bandwidth all endpoints download directly from Comodo.