Certs still trusted by Java applets?

Hi, we’ve just recently renewed our instantssl wildcard SSL cert. We had no problems with last years cert, but with the new one we’ve found that while browsers still trust the new cert the Sun Java plugin doesn’t and when loading applets complains about the cert being invalid.

The previous cert was issued by GTECyberTrust and Comodo CAs, while this years is issued by AddTrust CAs. Would this affect things?

All fixed now - we had the cert reissued with the GTE CA. Thanks.

Don’t worry…we are working with Sun etc on getting our roots into java releases.

We have the GTE root is an option to re-issue from until our roots appear in Java.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager

How does one get a certificate re-issued?

We just renewed our Platinum Wildcard SSL cert yesterday and are having the exact same problems with Java applets.

Our old cert expires tomorrow, so any help before then would be greatly appreciated… :wink:



according to Sun, Comodo has now been included in their latest version.


Hi Melih - thanks for the quick response!

Does this mean that any client visiting our site would need to have the most up-to-date version of Java to avoid the warning pop-up?



Hi Melih -

Because of our environment, the legacy cert (from GTE CyberTrust??) sounds like the best solution - we are a community college, and while we can control what’s on our computers, we cannot control Java versions on our students’ home computers.

How can we get a legacy certificate now that we were just issued the Platinum SSL Wildcard one?

Thanks again for your quick responses!


Just send an email to support guys at Comodo.
they’ll see to it…

I’ve done so already. I’ll look forward to their reply. Do they work weekends?

Thanks again for all of your information and your quick responses - it is very much appreciated!



I believe they work 7 Days a week. Not sure though

The support guys do work 24 x 7.

For re-issues on the GTE root this might take 48 hours due to them requiring management approval.