Certs and Questions

Hello everyone! I had a couple of questions. I am a pretty good computer user and over the years I have used many different products in the AV/Firewall category. My first question comes from this… A lot of companies tout the fact that they are certified by independent labs like checkmark and vb100 and so on, is Comodo certified at all? My second question comes from those same companies who run all these test and then rate (several times a year) different AV products. Now reading these reports, I’ve noticed that not one single product gets it 100 percent of the time. Its all about the engine and virus db used at the time of test, and those things update regularly (you hope). However I’ve noticed that not many people have tested comodo? I know places like CNet rate the firewall VERY favorably but in terms of the AV portion, I can’t seem to find much on it. All in all, I really love the programs and thank the Comodo Team with all my heart for bringing them to the public. :ilovecomodo: Thanks once again!

PS if this has been discussed, sorry for the repeat!

Hello, a easy answer is that CIS has not undergone any major test for the Antivirus, but its known to the comodo community and the comodo Dev team that CIS antivirus detection is not in class with its competitors yet…

I wouldn’t worry thou, CIS will protect you against viruses, spywares, trojans and such much better than any antivirus/firewall/bb combo thing out there anyway, :wink: CIS is the closest to a 100% protection out there, this is thanks to the firewall and D+ module, and now also Bufferoverflow protection! AFAIK, no malware tested at those VB test can infect or harm a CIS computer unless the user allows it to. CIS don’t leak. Its top at mautsec, even if its not stated, comodo just haven’t paid for any retesting, the version tested there was unfortunately a buggy one… The Prevention of CIS is unmatched, and is really all you need to fight any bad software and virus, but the detection thing is being worked on, :slight_smile: and also a “cure” thing, hopefully to be released later on! :-TU O0