Does CAV have any certifications such as ICSA, West Coast or VB100?

I fear it has not since it’s a very new software that is still in beta stages (version 1.1beta), though it is constantly being worked on.

From what I’ve seen from this team, CAV will get all this certificates in a matter of time. :slight_smile:

Hi r2baruch,

I don’t think those people who are responsible for issuing certifications would include CAVS in their list of Anti-Virus softwares. This is primarily due to the fact that CAVS is still in the beta stage. I am not sure about the rest but if I am not mistaken, Virus Bulletin needs a complete product for its test. Only when CAVS is officially out will it start its certification grabbing spree. :wink:

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Hi doomscythe,

Do you know if anyone has evaluated CAV, such as pcmag or others?


There is a review here:


Also, a google search for ‘‘comodo antivirus review’’ will bring up quite a few sites with users’ opinions also.