Certificate without the chain

Which of the five certificates that was returned to me is the “x509 Base64 certificate WITHOUT the CA certificate chain” ?

These are the descriptions on the certificate files that were returned to me.
“X509 Certificate only, Base64 encoded”
“X509, Base64 encoded”
“X509 Intermediates/root only, Base64 encoded”
“PKCS#7 Base64 encoded”
“PKCS#7 Bin encoded”

I would assume the first entry “X509 Certificate only, Base64 encoded” is the one I want. Is this true?
What scenrio would cause me to use the third entry "“X509 Intermediates/root only, Base64 encoded”?

Comodo no longer offers an unchained certificate (signed directly off a Root CA, no Intermediates) which may be what I believe you’re after. However, you may be after just the certificate in itself, this would be “X509 Certificate only, Base64 encoded”.

The ‘X509 Intermediates/root only, Base64 encoded’ would be used in those cases by which you needed to supply CA certificates (Intermediate(s) / Root)

question, how do you have the root certificate?