Certificate Issue

running Win XP Pro SP3 (32 bit). MS Office 2007 (Outlook 2007), Kaspersky 2009 AV, Comodo Firewall 3.5…

I downloaded and installed SecureEmail I tried to use the Cerificate Wizard. It told me I already had a certificate.

Sure enough, I had requested and received a certificate from Comodo in Feb 2008. It did not seem to work with Outlook 2007 at the time. In reading about SecureEmail 1.1, I concluded it would be compatible with Outlook 2007.

Now where did I put that certificate? In IE7, I found a Comodo certificate installed under Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Is that it? I exported this cert as DER encoded binary .CER. I was told Export succeeded. I started SecureEmail and asked it to import the certificate. It told me Import Sucessful - however, I see no certificate in the list.

I’ve concluded this is not the correct certificate. It does not identify me and does not appear in the certificate list in SecureEmail. Although I have the old email from Comodo notifying me of where to pick up my certificate, the link now gives an error message. Apparently, I ignored the advice to save the certificate as an external file, since I can’t find it.

Can you help me resolve this dilemma?


Hi Jim,

Jim: “Sure enough, I had requested and received a certificate from Comodo in Feb 2008. It did not seem to work with Outlook 2007 at the time”

Do you mean you signed up for an Comodo FREE e-mail certificate from our web site?

That certificate would be installed in your “Personal” certificate store. Outlook 2007 can use these certificates. You configure Outlook 2007 to use it though. Did you do that? Outlook help has lots of info on how to do setup an S/MIME certificate.

What do you see in the CSE Configuration tool Certificates page?


Hi, Jim

Can you tell me please - the way the SignUp Wizard told you that you already have a certificate:

  1. Message “Error: You already have certificate for this e-mail address.” on the page with e-mail address
  2. Error on the last page of SignUp Wizard:
    “Our systems report there is already a valid certificate for [e-mail address].
    If you have lost your certificate and require and new one please contact support.
    Error Code: 0251:16.”

I think the second message appeared and You have no certs for this e-mail address in the certificate list in Comodo SecureEmail (CSE). This message states that you’ve already ordered COMODO certificate and if you lost it - You should contact support (cse-support@comodo.com) for revocation of old certificate. Then You will be able to order new Comodo certificate for this e-mail address.

Yes, it is incorrect certificate. The Comodo certificate located in “Trusted Root Authorities” - is COMODO CA certificate. Your Personal certificate should be located in “Personal” store (“Personal” Tab in CSE certificate page).

You can install certificate only once - so don’t use the link from the old collection e-mail.
So, You can just order the new one after revocation of old one with contacting support (cse-support@comodo.com).

Regards, Eugene.