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Is it possible if i provide two domain names for the same Server Ip address and then i can get two different SSL certificates ( one for each domain name)

Kiran Shaikh

Hi Kiran

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Thats not possible.

It is however possible to get a Multi-Domain certificate, which is a single certificate containing more than one domain name, and that certificate is for a single server installation (most commonly used by hosting providers).
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The use of Host Headers (which is how you can use a single IP for more than one SSL enabled domain) is not recommended for E-Commerce sites.

Dependent on the domain names a Wildcard SSL might meet your requirements, these are however more expensive due to the unlimited number of sub-domains they can cover.
For example, a Wildcard for *.mydomain.com can be used to have SSL on any site where the * is replaced by a name.
ie secure.mydomain.com or gb.mydomain.com etc (there is no limit).

Hope this makes sense (:NRD)

If you need more details on the types of certificate available, please contact our sales team.