Certain websites are unresponsive

Certain websites are unresponsive.
This page for example will work in IE and Firefox but not CD.
It is in an industrial site that has a virtual catalog at mscdirect.com.
Go to www.mscdirect.com , then click on Virtual Big Book and the site is unresponsive.
This is ever sense the upgrade to version 26.
Version 24 always worked good.

It’s a flash problem I guess because that Virtual Big Book link is loading a flash catalog or smth like that.
Here it works fine but I’m using PepperFlash.

XP 32

CD latest with latest adobe flash

Clicked on virtual big book, it loaded fine i.e 100% but the scroll bar on the page didn’t worked.

Internet Explorer works fine.

Same here Naren even with the latest Beta Flash, but as burebista said PepperFlash works fine.
Let us hope the issue with Dragon and the Flash plugin gets resolved in the near future.

Why pepperflash is not used by CD? I think it will also be safer than adobe, right?

Probably due to licensing terms I imagine.

I think it will also be safer than adobe, right?
Some say it is, but I have seen no actual evidence to prove one way or the other.