Centralized Management?

Have you thought about providing, maybe for a reasonable fee per connected clients, a management console to compete with Symantec Client Security where administrators could set firewall rules and HIPS rules plus centralized safe files etc that would then be pulled from (or pushed to) a number of client installs of CFP3? I’d of course assume SSL would be used for this or other encryption and authentication to prevent exploits. Also, this would allow granular control from the end user from no changes to override anything.

This is something Melih has mentioned a few times in the past and as far as I know it is still planned for sometime in future. As you said in your post, this will likely be something Comodo will charge for:



yes should be out shortly.


Sort of Bump! Any idea on timeframe? 2 months on - is soon sometime this month, this year (2008) or this decade (2010)?

should have a beta out this month.


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The guys are finalising a release for the forum very soon… maybe in days…