Censoring the Criticism

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Yes, this is quite a big issue and it’s not limited to YouTube and criticism.

Most upload sites will take down an upload if someone requests it, without even investigating if the file has anything to do with what the person making the claim says it does.

I watch a YouTube channel that does let’s play videos of a popular sandbox game. Every month or so, he would upload his world save to Mediafire so users could download what he’s created and play it. Every time he uploads his world save, it isn’t long before it’s taken down with a copyright strike. His Mediafire account was eventually frozen due to multiple copyright strikes.

So who do you think was issuing these copyright claims? You’d likely guess the publisher of the game, but this isn’t the case. It turned out to be the movie studio that produced The Hunger Games. So why are they putting copyright strikes on a world save file that has absolutely nothing to do with The Hunger Games, for a computer game that also has absolutely nothing to do with The Hunger Games? Your guess is as good as mine. 88)

Yes, this guy got his Mediafire account shut down by a movie studio for uploading game save files that have absolutely nothing to do with the studio’s copyright, and he couldn’t even dispute their claim to this copyright. This shouldn’t be able to happen…

Copyright studios etc use robots/scripts that go around the internet scanning for things that look like their files and then send a DMCA with these links to the site owner, most of this is automated and there are countless occasions where these have requested for their own legitimate files to be removed from Google etc.

Supposedly sending DMCA notices for things that you don’t own is a felony, yet nothing happens to these companies, they happily continue sending blanket takedowns without double-checking or dare I say even checking them at all and they never get in trouble for it.

Edit: Should clarify that not all do this but it’s a common practice, if it was up to the copyright owners they should be able to takedown a website with the click of one button and no questions asked, no court no nothing.

Unfortuently google is heading you tube into a boat load of fail. They use a bot to find copyright material. Which the bot is out of control. And the bot is not human and makes big mistakes and claims the video on behalf of the company even though. The company didnt ask for it. Alot of videogame companys have come forward and said they didnt do it and dont support you tube on what they are doing to their content creators. You tube is allowing any company to claim copyright and companys are doing it that have no right to do it in the first place cause the content is not theirs to claim. Meanwhile if a video is claimed the content creator loses money from it and money is given straight to the company that claimed it.

And google is ignoring FAIR USE LAW. Which states you can use content to do a trailer and review and or parody. And your allowed to use the actual content for 30 seconds. The situation is causing alot of you tubers to go to other sites like twitch cause of it.

If they banded together they could bring google to court on the fair use law alone.