Celframe Free Antivirus

Found this in wilders. CFA is dual engine AV with Cloud protection & Social Site protection, etc. Seems good. Check it out http://celframe.com/csl/


Any screenshot please.

I was reading how it works…
Seems a cloud/community system… Will it really protect as other antivirus? ???

How is its detection rate? Does it good? Its GUI looks so nice

Hmmm, I am little bit afraid to use or even try such a new and unknown protection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, and you (we) must be afraid
The same way as you have to be “little bit afraid to use" Comodo AV, hehe!

That’s like condom manufacturing – important to use , despite – there is no real pleasure (you would not argue with that , I hope)
At the same time you have to… but some bloody things will be broken … what a surprise!

If you want and willing - please test’em (condoms and AVs)
Use condoms when testing AVs :smiley:
… but , basically stick with well known brands
… unless some “revolutionary” one is developed, …which is impossible currently


Calm down, my friends. :slight_smile: This AV is safe and no need to wear condoms (unless you want to). :wink: Celframe uses dual engines, like GData and F-Secure, which means they licensed both engines (or just one). None of us know yet. But remember, it is brand new (and the company seems new to this category) so don’t over expect anything. Cheers! 8)


Installed & checked. Though the taskmanager shows little RAM usage it slowed down things on the system. Slowed down browsing i.e internet a little, little slow down in other activities like opening programs, etc. I couldn’t find the Quarantine, dont know where it quarantine the threats. No AV alert i.e no popup to choose what you want to do with the detected threats. Its automatic in settings & you just get the notification how the threats were dealt. Right click scan always showed not working. Couldn’t detect Eicar but detected other harmless samples. Couldn’t find which 2 AV engines it is using. Not worth now, lets see what it brings later.


It has ads :stuck_out_tongue:
Other no so good reports:

comodo encontrou um virus:Celframe Free Anti Virus.
2011-05-29 22:46:09 C:\docume~1\nuno\config~1\temp\celframeav-6f261f4f83f06c9c4f09e45b88a00669.000007b4.celframeavtmp Heur.Packed.Unknown@-1 Preguntar Éxito.

unknown program to warrant sandbox

Hmmm… Bad startup… Isn’t Celframe encrypting its own virus definitions?
Are we seeing a conflict with the installed antivirus? ???

do not know now installed this antivirus was left after installing comodo detected when analyzing a virus to it no longer could run antivirus but it sent the sandbox.

A test with it: http://forums.malwareresearchgroup.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=581

I found the support service website from Celframe as follows:

From there, I get to know that the 2 engines used by Celframe antivirus are its in-house technology, it doesn’t license any engine from other antivirus software vendors. And according to the support website, it mentioned that its detection rate is 100% but the test was done by Celframe itself( So I think the test result is less reliable and credible).

Anyway, it is good that more and more free antivirus software appear in market.

When a software promises more than it can deliver… well, I can’t trust the company.

I guess they used Authentium (Now acquired by Commtouch) engine. Because on their site it have links to Commutouch site.

Yes, of course, it is good that more free antivirus appear in market but some of them are disaster or total ■■■■. :o

It is good only when these free AVs are good.

- YouTube :-TD

I never see these youtube reports in full. Just the summarizing end. If they had only summary I would read the summary.

So you mean it’s bad.