Ceep Comodo lean

I haven’t read all the suggestions here to improve Comodo and while I’m sure many of them are valuable it is questionable how well those contributing represent your wider customer base. After being a long-time user of Zone Alarm Pro I went on the hunt for a replacement firewall and virus protection combo. As victims of complacency and feature-packing, ZA and McAfee were causing browser crashes, general instability and were a huge drain on system resources. On a recommendation I’m currently evaluating Comodo and F-Secure and they seem to work together nicely. Given that a perfect firewall doesn’t exist I like Comodo because it’s light and together with my router firewall probably provides reasonable security. As everyone here knows system drag is a huge issue with much security software. Comodo developers please be very discerning in what you choose to implement because from my point of view (and I suspect many others) Comodo will loose much of its appeal and a potential niche if it succumbs to the bloatware trend that plagues the security software industry. All security should be multi-layered and a combination of specialist apps as well as protective behaviour. It would be refreshing to see a security company that had the courage to supply a steamlined and elegant product that was promoted as the best compromise between security, system usage and simplicity. Capitalise on your advantage — Ceep Comodo lean – keep it’s snout out of the trough-of-too-many-features.