CD's & Chromodo's versions lagging behind Chrome a security risk?

Google’s Chrome browser is always several versions ahead of Comodo’s Dragon or Chromodo. Does this give Chrome a security advantage? If yes, is Dragon / Chromodo anyway more secure than Chrome?

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IMO the debate about who has the most secure browser out of all creations (Not just Comodo and Google) will go on forever, mostly without any real proof just personal opinions.

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They don’t patch vulnerabilities just for the fun of it. On the other hand, thanks to Chromium’s sandbox, a vulnerability (bug) in Dragon doesn’t automatically make Dragon vulnerable. For a vulnerability to be exploitable, typically a chain of bugs is required. For example, a bug in Blink may not be exploitable, but combined with a bug in the OS, it may be. And there the problem lies. If vulnerabilities remain unpatched, someone might find other bugs that make a working chain of bugs.

Proactive security enhancements are the disabling of support for NPAPI in Chromium 42 (plugins that are not sandboxed are exploitable if they have vulnerabilities, and they typically have) and the win32k lockdown added in Chromium 41, to work around a bug in Windows 8.1. See this blog post about the latter.