CDC_Backup ###########.cbu

I noticed a bunch of files starting with CDC_Backup or CPC_Backup, followed by some digits that appear to be a date and time, and ending with a .cbu extension in the root folder of my C: drive (vista). I am running COMODO Firewall 5.0.163652.1142.

I expect these files are associated with Comodo System Cleaner. What are they and do I need to keep them or are they safe to delete?

i am pretty sure that they are backup files form comodo system cleaner. csc makes backup of the files its going to clean so that if there are any problems they can be restored. these backups can be disabled through the system cleaner settings. cdc is comodo disk cleaner and cpc is comodo privacy cleaner which as both in comodo system cleaner

Thanks for the info. I guess that’s OK. I just wish there were a setting to designate where these backup folders should be written. I don’t like programs writing to my root folder! Further, it would also be nice to be able to set the maximum number of backup files to maintain. That way the file count would be limited with the last set number of files always available.