CD Will Not Update

Hello- I have been using Comodo Dragon for awhile without issue. All of a sudden, when clicking the Dragon icon in the upper left corner> About Comodo Dragon, I get an ‘unexpected error’ message, and it will not update. It is stuck on v25.2.0.0. Can anyone please advise?

…if you’re gonna mess with your windows services, know what you’re doing - comodo dragon update service MUST be running - RIGHT click my computer → manage → services & applications → services → highlight comodo dragon update service → click “start” the service - (win XP)…

There must be some other cause to the issue that ‘timw128’ is having.
Dragon should still check and even update Dragon manually with the Dragon Update Service disabled, it just will not silently update.
This is the behaviour on Win 7 and Vista, I imagine XP should be the same unless there is an issue.

I would very much consider a fresh install, if you remove your profile be sure to back up bookmarks or any other items you require to keep.

BTW welcome timw128. :slight_smile:


Before reinstalling Dragon, please upload the “dragon_updater” logs located in “%windir\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder”.

Thank you.

…not for me - when there’s an update available I get a bar at the top notifying me of such, unless I happen to see one available first on one of the few freeware sites that I visit daily, that I use as a “heads-up” for all the stuff I have - then I go to the software vendor’s site to get the DL - this is the way it is for both CD & CID, as well as the way it was for Chrome & FF when I used to have them - I keep the CD & CID services set to “manual”, & nothing happens until I go to services, & highlight the service, & click “start the service”, then the “send/receive” modem lights immediately start flashing - it’s in no way a prob for me, it’s just the way it’s always been, & I’m used to it - IDK? maybe this info will be helpful - XP SP3 - oh yeah, auto update setting in my browser itself has to be enabled…
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Hi ultradolby1,
Your program is working as intended regarding auto updates as far as I can tell.

What I was saying is that you should still be able to check for updates manually through About Comodo Dragon without the service running.
If you disable the service in Windows Services can you still check for updates manually using About Comodo Dragon, or do you receive the same error as ‘timw128’?

…mine works the same “manual” or “disabled” - I just prefer to be there when anything happens, as with the Adobe stuff & everything else, & I manually patch Windows as well on 2nd Tuesday 1:00pm sharp eastern time…

Thanks ultradolby1, it appears the OP has some issue then. :slight_smile:

…& “exactly” what I mean by that is, it shows the pop-down bar notification that an update is available, but does not go to update - that only happens when I “start the service”…