CD will not stay connected to the internet

Suddenly Dragon won’t stay connected to the the internet. If I restart the machine it will connect for a couple of minutes then “this webpage not is not available” and clicking on “more” it says ERR_CONNECTION_RESET or ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED. Tried removing and reinstalling. Tried resetting the cable modem and router. Tried unchecking “enable malware domain filtering”. Tried “reset browser settings”. IceDragon and IE work fine. I meant to try it in safemode before posting this but forgot, will try that next. Any help would be appreciated!


It does seem to work in safemode.

Doesn’t work as a portable install either.

Ok, I ran AdwCleaner from Bleeping Computer and that seems to have fixed it. This is a fresh install of W7 Pro and has only been on the internet a few times so I wasn’t expecting malware so soon. Anyway, fixed for now.