CD Virtual Mode

I have tried uninstalling CD and reinstalling it and have followed instructions but still cannot get CD to go into virtual mode. It used to, so I know what I am looking for, but now it just closes CD after ‘thinking about it’ for a while.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


Which version of CIS and Comodo Dragon do you have installed? Also, please let us know what OS you are using and the service pack.


64 Bit Win 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1

Dragon Version

CIS Version 7.0.317799.4142


Please check the following things:

  1. Check if virtual_mode_helper.exe is present in Dragon’s install location.
  2. Check if virtual_mode_helper.exe is or any other Dragon resource is in the untrusted files list in CIS.
  3. See if there is a virtkiosk.exe process running after you start Dragon in virtual mode. You can create a dump of this process and send it to us so we can investigate the issue further.

As a side test, could you install the portable version of Dragon 33.0 or 31.1 and check if the issue reproduces?

Thank you.