CD Virtual Mode ALWAYS ON?

Is there a way to make the Virtual Mode in Dragon ALWAYS ON rather than having to manually remember to turn it on…short of running in KIOSK mode?

Go into the sandbox settings in CIS and tell it to automatically run Dragon inside the sandbox.

Configure Sandbox

yes go to tasks-> sandbox tasks ->run virtual → then browse to dragon.exe and click create virtual desktop icon. this will create a new icon on your desktop that will always launch dragon virtual

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Great, got it set up, but ultimately to be sure you are always in Kiosk mode probably best just to run from Kiosk…I am thoroughly enjoying everything…thanks much for the guidance!

There is an option to have sandboxed applications surrounded by a green border. So using either of the methods mentioned, you can be ensured you’re inside the sandbox if you see the border.

HAAH…beat you to it!