CD Version Feedback

No Problems
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True, I have no problems with the browser.

I use it exclusively, I am not a gamer or bookfacer, nor cloud BS…
I do lots and lots of research and may have 3-4 pages open at the same time.
Sometimes I open the browser again because I am too busy.

I thrash it, have tried to “crash” the browser…it just keeps working.


Hi Lazlo,
Thanks for your feedback. :-TU
I agree apart from a few recent flash issues which are probably not really Dragons fault, it is a hard browser to crash.

+1. It’s amazing. :slight_smile: :-TU

This has been my favorite release yet. It fixes HTML5 video bugs, and adds a lot of great HTML5 features. Flash will soon be obsolete with the rise of HTML5 video. People who have Flash issues are simply too lazy to use pepperflash. Please keep Flash out of CD. CD is about security, and Flash is nothing but a security risk. Keep CD secure and Flash out of the browser. If someone really wants to use Flash, then they should just use Chrome with uses a tad bit more secure version of Flash (pepperflash). Keep the Flash poop out of the browser. Ads love Flash.