CD ver 6, where is the "GO" button? <cmc>

OK, great, new version but, where is the “GO” button to go to a typed (new) web address?

This is like taking the side-view mirrors off a car be cause someone thought a massive rear view mirror is better?

Give me back the “Go” button, please?

try hitting ‘enter’ on your keyboard.

Hmmm… I never thought anyone actually clicked the Go button on browsers.

Since you’re already typing, it’s light years faster to just press Enter as BoredNow suggests, instead of taking your hand off the keyboard to mouseover and click the button.

Hi there and welcome, is it really that important (?), I use a couple different browsers and was not even sure if I had one on this browser until I just looked. Kind regards.

Well, to be fair, he does have a point; sometimes you’re just copying/pasting stuff into the browser, in which case you could just click the ‘go’ arrow…like in firefox.

If people 100 yrs ago could hear us whining about have to make 1 extra click to get to a website on the opposite side of the earth, they would think we were all incredibly spoiled. :stuck_out_tongue:

BoredNow, thanks for identifying the situation from a different angle.

An option to be able to hide or display go button would have been a great choice.

Not a big deal but, Was it really that important to exclude a simple yet universal browser feature?

Thanks for the replies