CD v 57.0.2987.93 -- cannot switch to virtual mode: CIS not detected.

When I select the menu option “Switch to virtual mode” CD displays an error screen which claims that I don’t have CIS installed. I do. See the attached screengrab.

A workaround is to use RMB and select “Run in COMODO container” when starting Dragon, but it’d be nice if the menu option worked.


Comodo Dragon v 57.0.2987.93
Comodo Internet Security Premium 10 v
Windows 7 Pro SP1 with most recent update (July 2017)

I had that problem with CD some time ago when I installed it for testing and fixed it by letting CD run the install for CIS. It skipped what was already installed and after a reboot, the menu item worked just as intended

I agree that’s one possible workaround. Unfortunately, I’ve installed CIS often enough that I’d really rather not do it yet again.