CD Theme Maker

Hello All!

Please note that this is a 3rd party application/script and not Comodo’s (Nor Is It My Property)

If you wish to create your own Dragon/Chrome Theme
This is how you can do it

First, Download This and Extract It;

Open CD Themes > Start Themer.exe > Select Ok and If Another Dialog Comes Up Ok

Select a Component, once you have a explorer window should pop up with the image ready to be selected and edited

Once Saved Move on to the next etc etc

Once you are done with all of the modifications

Click on Build, It will save a file inside the CD Theme Folder;
You just simply drag that file into Dragon/Chrome

And Walla!

If you want a theme from firefox to use on CD you’ll have to copy/paste/edit the images

This is how you do it; Example:
Download anyway/Continue to download
Rename the file .zip (or open with a archiver)
Extract all the contents to a specific folder, go to that folder inside “chrome” you should see another folder .xpi, do the same as before and this is the final extraction
Here is all the images that make the “Wii” Theme for Firefox;
Just save / edit the images and use Chrome Themer to intergrate the images

This download includes Resource Hacker/Chrome Themer

Share your themes if you wish!

Click here to download the package


(It’s possible to modify the theme without the Chrome Themer but its a bit more confusing then the above method)

So what do you guys think

Please Report Any Problems or Comments Here

Thanks for posting that. Might try that. I used to use themes with the other browsers I also use FF and Sea Monkey, but, began to like the browsers without the themes. :wink: