CD suddenly collapsing into one tab

Hi there folks!

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered, but I’m experiencing an issue with my CD browser.

I’ll be using the browser as normal when all of a sudden it will appear as if I’ve returned to my desktop, only for the mouse icon to act as if the browser were active (I can tell because the mouse icon will change to correspond with the page I was on even though I can only see the desktop).

As well as this on the very top left-hand corner is only one active tab even if I had other tabs open at the same time. The only way for me to get out of it is to drag the only visible tab down so that it creates a new window and depending on the number of tabs I already have open when the problem occurs, I have to do this for each and every one of them in order for the issue to be temporarily resolved.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi again folks!

I’ve managed to take more screenshots of the issue to help illustrate the problem.

First pic shows the mouse icon changing in correspondence with the active (though invisible) browser window - also notice the hover link status bar on the bottom left corner to reiterate the fact that the browser window is apparently active:

Second picture demonstrates me trying to drag the remaining tab down (the one with the Youtube video for ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ but the other tab(s) still remaining in the top left-hand corner.


Hi and welcome Toops,
I haven’t experienced this issue myself, but could you please try with ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ disabled.
Found under system in the advanced settings.