CD sometimes freezes (partially), or hangs (better term)

I noticed since about a week that the latest version of CD (18.3) seems to freeze. I am not able to close it, or any tabs that are open. If a flash vid is playing in another tab it continues playing, but the browser itself seems to be unresponsive. Only way to close it is by opening the task manager and close the main dragon.exe (usually the one with the highest memory footprint, cuz all other dragon.exe instances won’t respond). It doesn’t only happen when playing a flash video though, so it’s not becuz of Flash or anything.

Or actually, maybe freeze is not the correct term, more like that it hangs and none of the buttons respond anymore, although I seem to be able to minimize and maximize the window, just can’t close it. It almost looks like it has a memory leak or something, cuz sometimes the main dragon.exe can get as high as 360 MB on memory (thats not counting all the other dragon.exe processes).
What I also noticed was when trying to type a message on Facebook, that the typing all of a sudden seem to hang, or just got very slow. I would type something and then what I typed was extremely slowly getting visible (hard to explain… lol) or just seemed to freeze all together.

Installed extensions:
Speeddial 2
Web of Trust
Bookmarks Menu
Proxy Switchy
Better Pop-Up Blocker
AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper
Easy disposable email address
Facebook Link Tracking Disabler
Freemake Video Converter
HTTPS Eeverywhere
Keep My Opt-Outs
Paste & Go
Search Engine Security
Vanilla Cookie Manager

Maybe seems like a lot of extensions, but there are a few that are actually passive extensions. I’ve had all these extensions since the beginning I started using CD (version 18.1) and never had this problem.
As far as I know the extensions get updated automatically when a new version of an extension comes out (not sure though).

However, it never gives an error or anything, it just gets unresponsive. It doesn’t matter wether I have 1 tab open or multiple (although it seems to happen more often if I have more than 1 tab open)

Running CD on Win7 Ultimate 64bit in Standard User mode.

And like stated, it seemed something from only a week ago, before that I was running 18.3 as well (clean install) and it was okay. There’s also no virus/trojans/other malware responsible. My PC is pretty well secured and I do use a lotta common sense while on the Net.

Just wondering if there are people out there that seem to have similar problems like I just mentioned???


Run the browser with the –disable-extensions parameter and check if the hangs still occur. If this solves the problem then you should try disabling extensions one by one and see if the browser still hangs.
Several hangs did reproduce during tests and the ScriptNo extension returned a warning in the dragon://settings/extensions menu as it was conflicting with another extension. You can check if this happens on your system as well.

Thank you for your support.

Thnx I will try this.

I have noticed on occassion that the ScriptNo extension said there was a conflict with another extension (probably Ghostery, not sure though, but seems highly likely), but I don’t seem to get that error now anymore. Thing is, that the problem occurs very random. I’ll try to open an icognito session from the browser when it hangs again, if it’ll let me do this.
Basically I think it might be some sort of extension as well that is causing it. Will try to disable them one by one then. Might take some time though, taking into account I got so many… lol :slight_smile: