CD slow with youtube

After the new update for CD
when i open youtube videos the browser become slow when i move to other tabs or i open them or browse them
and when i close the youube tab every thing become normal

i don’t really know from what is the problem
is it from the browser or from the youtube site
till now it just happened with youtube only
i kope comodo team check it and fix it please

Hi godfather2009,
Try clearing your browsing data. Ctrl+Shift+Del

Check here to make certain that you are running the most recent flash plugin.

Is this happening with any other Browser?

thx and i think no its just with CD and i will try clean browser :slight_smile:

i done it and still the same
i clear the browser and i check for the latest version of the flash player and i have the recent one and still same problem

Opening Dragons Task Manager Shift+Esc, could help narrow down any processes using excessive CPU.


Please add information according to the instructions found here.
Also, along with these, you should mention the number of running tabs at the moment the issue occurs and any information you find by following captainsticks’ indications.

Thank you.