CD-SetUp Size?


I am looking for Web-Browser. I have downloaded a three browsers to try; including Comodo Dragon.

I am confused as to why Comodo DragonSetup is more than 30Mb (31.3Mb) when compared with the far smaller size of the other competitive web-browsers? For instance, Firefox is 8.18Mb only.

And also, does using DNS Server has any affect on the browsing speed?


It’s based on Chromium, which is a 34MB download.

Unless your ISP’s DNS resolvers are extremely bad, your speed improvements (if any) are going to be in the millisecond range. Not anything you’re likely to actually notice.

Thanks HeffeD

During installation Comodo Dragon [CD] asks if I would like to use Comodo DNS Server for more security and also states that, “Your computer’s primary/secondary settings will be changed to 156.154.xx.xx”.
I would like to know:

  1. Are these changes permanent?
  2. If these changes are permanent, then what happens to any X Browser I might be using? Does the X Browser too use the Comodo DNS?


  1. Yes unless you change them back or set it to obtain dns automatically in your internet connections.
  2. The changes are system wide, all will use it. Kind regards.
    Edit- removed unrequired part.

Another Query…

I want to use Comodo DNS server but I don’t want to use CD Browser; can I use the Comodo DNS via CIS and still expect the same result as when used with CD? or are there any known issues of which I should be aware of?

Yes, if you have CIS set your DNS configuration to the SecureDNS addresses, you will get the same results as if you had Dragon set them up.

You don’t even need to be using Comodo products to get the benefits of SecureDNS.

Ok… thanks

How do I start using comodo DNS now that I have already installed CIS without choosing secure DNS? Do I have to reinstall CIS and choose SecureDNS during Reinstall?

No you do not;

Please follow these instructions
XP: Secure DNS for Windows XP, DNS Setup Instructions - Comodo

Vista/7: Secure DNS for Windows Vista, DNS Setup Instructions - Comodo