CD portable and autoupdate

Dragon update failed(installation error). I always get this notification when I want to use autoupdate of Dragon portable. I can update Dragon manually but I’d like to know where is the problem. :slight_smile:

Dragon updater runs as a service. I think that’s where the problem may be. I think that when using the portable version the service may not get installed? Can you check under Services if Dragon Updater is there or not (Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Services)?

No, I can see there just DragonSetup.exe and restart-helper.exe.

I have never seen those in Services. Are you sure you looked under Services? See attached image for reference. It’s in Dutch but should get the message across all the same.

[attachment deleted by admin]

My bad. I searched in Task Manager and not in Services. 88) Anyway, I cant see any service by Comodo there. But now I know that Dragon is updated even if Dragon reports update failure. No idea why I haven’t noticed that before. ;D

:smiley: You are only human…