CD opens on "wrong monitor"

Win7 64 ultimate. CD always running Incognito. Nvidia Quadro 570 dual monitors.

CD was open in full screen on the “main” monitor. I grabbed the top bar and drug it to the second monitor. In the process it resized to less than full screen. I resized to full screen, did a little work, and closed CD.

Next time I try to open CD it opens on the second monitor. Fine. I resize, drag back to the main monitor, make full screen, do work, close. Open CD and it opens on the second monitor.

I drag CD back to the main monitor, make full screen, close via the Exit in the CD menu. Open Cd and it opens on the second monitor.

So somehow I convinced have convinced Win7 or CD that it must open on the second monitor and everything I’ve done to change its mind have failed. Every description of how to convince a program to open on a particular monitor don’t seem to work.

Is there any way to track down whether this is a Win7 problem or a CD problem? Is there any menu buried somewhere that I don’t know about which might explain why the usual methods of remembering which monitor to open on aren’t working? All the other programs open on the monitor I expect them to.

Any ideas?

Thanks for all your work

Tried dozens of different ways to get it to open on the main monitor. Disabled second monitor, open,close, reboot, open,close, enable monitor, etc. None of them would stop this. Finally with some prodding from someone and trying this another dozen times without maximizing and with cognito versus incognito and drag and close. Somehow some combination of something that I had already tried convinced it to open back on the main monitor. I wish I could pinpoint exactly what it was that caused it and what it was that fixed it.


Try the following:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Move the window to the monitor that you want it to open on (do not maximize the window).
  3. Close the application.

On the next run it should open on the monitor you closed it on.