CD losing all settings except for history and bookmarks

After the most recent update of CD, I have this problem:

Sometimes if you open CD (esp Incognito mode) and then quickly exit it, a box pops up saying “Dragon has crashed, do you want to restart it now?” (at this time, the browser is already closed).

No matter if you click “OK” or “cancel”, the next time you start CD (or if you chose to restart, it would open by itself), all settings and customisation you have ever made to CD would be lost, the only exceptions are: bookmarks, history / cached content, and cookies. All other things, including theme, all extensions and preferences, are gone.

I think this is a bug, which is not found in the latest versions of Google Chrome and SRWare Iron. And sometimes it is really not convenient when this happens.

Also, this happens to both installed version and portable version.

BTW, before I installed the most recent update, I actually uninstalled the previous version in order to have a clean install.

Extensions I have installed are: AdBlock Plus, SmoothScroll, AutoReloader and RSS LiveLink.