CD keeps crashing

What gives? Ever since the last date CD has been wonky and now it’s getting worse. It is now crashing constantly and I have even gotten rid of some of the extensions. I sure hope a new release is in the works because this one stinks. 88) :-TD

I’m running it fine here with no problems. Try uninstalling the one you have, after backing up all important information, and then manually installing the newest version.

That’ll probably fix the problem you’re having.

If not please let me know.


How do you back-up CD for a clean installation?

By that I meant you can backup your bookmarks by going to Bookmarks => Bookmark Manager. Then go to Organize and select the option to export bookmarks. Then you can just import them after installing the new version.

If there is other important information that you cannot loose then I’m actually not sure how to back that up. If there is something else please let me know and I’ll figure out how to do it.


Oh, okay…thank you…I was thinking of extensions but I guess I could always re-add them…