CD is displaying some HTML elements in black

Been running comodo dragon for a few years now, also updating when new stable versions are released. This is the first time I have seen this issue, and I have tried to “Repair” install CD and nothing has changed. This issue only happens in Comodo Dragon and not Ice Dragon or IE. I have the latest stable Version

here are my system info:
Plugins installed are

  • Comodo Share Page Service 0.1
  • Comodo Web Inspector 0.2
  • Feedly Beta 14.0.476
  • Slick RSS 2.993
  • Slick RSS: Feed Finder 1.3


  • Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  • UAC Enabled
  • OS installed on C:\
  • Comodo installed in C:\Program Files (x86)/Comodo/Dragon/
  • User Privileges Full control with my Admin account(Only Account)

Only browsers installed are Comodo Dragon, Comodo Ice Dragon and Internet Explorer 10

I have attached two images, One from Comodo Dragon, the other from Ice Dragon. both displaying the same page.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Looks ok here. Apart from the extensions you’ve listed, which plugins do you have installed? (flash/java etc)

[attachment deleted by admin]

lol, yes i guess i forgot about plugins… i have all the latest version of Flash, Java and Shockwave player… plus I aslo have QuickTime(Due to needing for Pro Tools)

Looks like it’s another of the flash problems plaguing Chromium based browsers. You can read more:

Comodo Dragon ver 26.0 is now available for download

I always use beta versions of flash and it doesn’t exhibit this problem, however, using the ‘normal’ release version (see image)

[attachment deleted by admin]

well ill give the beta a try and let you know if that works…

hmmm, uninstalled stable, installed beta and still have the same issue. with Flash uninstalled it displays fine… wondering if there is another version of flash i could use… I got the beta from here

Curious. I have no idea why it works for me but not for you. You’re only choice now is pepperflash, which is mentioned in the thread I linked to above

hmm i think its just something to do with the website… flash works fine on other sites.