CD exe missing after reboot

HI, I am running Win7 (64-bit, SP1). Shockwave crashed, so I rebooted my computer.
After restart, the CD exe has gone. In my user profile, it seems all of the CD files are there,
well all except the exe file. If I have to reinstall CD, how do I stop it happening again?
Also, will I be able to imprt my bookmarks and extentions etc back into the new install?


You can perform a repair on Comodo Dragon using the setup (you can download it from this location).
Your browsing data and extensions should not be affected if you do not uninstall Dragon (and choose to remove the user profile). The browser will load the old profile after the repair.


That worked a treat! Thank you :slight_smile:

This happened to me, too-- dragon.exe (v21.2) entirely missing after reboot (Win 7 64 bit). The reinstall worked and user data was all there, BUT this is the second time it has happened, and it’s a nuisance having to reinstall each time.

What gives? Is there a way to avoid it in the future?

Hi lizabeast,
Do you use any third party cleaning/optimization tools?

No, I don’t–or at least I haven’t anytime lately. The last time CD disappeared was a couple of months ago, but I hadn’t then, either, so far as I recall.

When the computer shut down, it seemed to be hanging, but only on the Sticky Notes application, which I told it to go ahead & quit. When it restarted, no CD.

Please try the following: