cd/dvd drive missing

cd/dvd drive (icon in my computer) is missing in my computer. its there in device manager and everything is ok there. but the drive is not showing up in my computer. when i insert a dvd in the drive nothing happens. neither the cd/dvd icon shows up in my computer nor the choose from the programs window appears. what should i do?? help!!


This Would Help You Out…

my computer - right click - manage drive - disk management - CD ROM 0 - right click - change drive letter and paths - add - assign the following drive letter - letter D was preselected so i just clicked ok and the cd/dvd drive icon appeared in my computer. what i did is correct???

You Have Not Done Anything Wrong

thanxx replying buddy. restarting the system now and will check if its ok or not.


You Are Always Welcome

everything is fine. i want to ask one thing. should i enable or disable DLA??

This Feature Allows You To Perform Drag To Disc With Rewritable CDs. If You Normally Use The Software That Came Along With Your Drive, Then You Can Disable This Option

ok thanxx
have fun yaa

You Too…Bye :slight_smile: