CD Drives NOT listed. Niether as destination nor as source for BU<CMC>


Been trying to do simple backup from hard disk to CD/DVD (RW’s) however, after selecting files to backup none of the two CD drives (Drives G and H) are included in the list of “destination”. Also, neither drives (CD’s) are included as source for backup files. I tried the same procedure with a flash drive plugged in and that drive was shown in the list but not the CD drives.

Irony is that both CD drives are included as sources in the list when attempting to “Restore”!

Any information to include CD drives in the list of back up destination and/or as source of backup is appreciated as it will eliminate the need to backup to HD and then copy to CD.

Thank you in advance


To use them as destination you must choose CD/DVD option in backup step 2.
They do not appear as a source because of a GUI issue, the problem will be fixed in next release. You can use command line / scripting for that.


Hi and thanks for the information, your time, and effort however;

1- I DID choose CD/DVD option and it reports “NO RECORDER AVAILABLE”!!!

2- Using script will only address full backups and NOT differential and incremental backups as the program cannot find the CD recorder hence the original backup to add to. Unless you are kind enough to provide further information on how to do a script for differential or incremental backups to CD/DVD containing the initial backup.

Back to Nero backup as CBU is NOT ready yet.


If you have Windows XP or Server 2003, you need to update IMAP to v2.0 for the CD/DVD burner to be visible.
The update can be downloaded here: (Windows installation must be genuine).


I’m currently facing the same issue. Until there is a latest update coming soon, have to figure out a way to overcome this.

What I want is to have CB burn out selected files inside a folder on a CD-RW every day at a scheduled time. Have tried many times, but the program keep on prompting ‘no device’ even though the ‘from’ field has the CD-RW drive model listed. Before applying the patch above (2003), there were none.

Appreciate any ideas on this issue.

No Cigar my friend. Good try but this issue appears to be an inherent problem with CB
that there is NO solution to it as of now. Hopefully someone at comodo will soon realizes that some of us backup information to CD and DVD’s.

Thanks for the effort though


Does anyone know where I can still download the old version? The one before this new GUI. At least it worked earlier.