CD deleted randomly

hi im new here, recently i installed CD

but after sometimes, i had this problem that CD’s files in C drive are somehow gone and deleted. this happens randomly when i closed my CD browser or when i started my com.

i don’t know how and why but i had to keep Repairing it’s files by using the DragonSetup.exe

is this a bug or my computer’s problem?

Hi and welcome Kevin_,
It is hard to determine the cause at this stage.
Are you using any aggressive system cleaning programs?
How often is this happening and are you doing anything out of the ordinary before this happens?
How do you determine that files are missing, does Dragon fail to start or show error messages?

i only use ASO and winoptimizer to clean my system, but i made sure that they only clean the system only when i chose to do so

i didn’t do anything, but my ICD browser was fine working normal

i didn’t know how the files gone missing…but sometimes after i closed CD and i reopen the browser, it says “this item refers to the shorcut is missing or something, would you like to delete this item/shortcut?” then i went to check the files in C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon and i found no files in the folder

Hi Kevin_,
This is rather strange, first up I would be checking logs of any real time scanners (Be it System cleaners or Antimalware programs) you have running in case it is getting falsely flagged and deleted as malware.
Maybe also temporary disable any schedule scans that you have set.

Have you downloaded Dragon from a reputable site?
I would download a new installer here and do a fresh uninstall/reinstall.

If you suspect malware to be present on your system you might like to follow the advice in the following link kindly created by Moderator Chiron.
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

well, i dun have any schedule scan but i’ll juz download the latest one now

and yes, i downloaded it from comodo website, thx for the new version link

Make sure your Antimalware program is up to date, I have seen in the past where a program has been removed by an Antimalware product that falsely flagged it as malware.
If this continues happening I would be considering checking the system thoroughly for Malware.

Hello I too have same problem CD deletes itself with no reason, I just closed it with X in right corner and wanted to start it again and windows said shortcut unknown, after looking in program files dir I saw it was gone completely so I had to reinstall it again, I don’t use optimization software except ccleaner.

And it happens sometimes when i boot windows but I know for sure it was there when I turned my comp off

Tenx and hope I can helo more to sort this thing out

and I SUPERAntiSpyware free latest

The same thing is going on here. I have Windows 8, and this happens frequently.

Comodo Dragon will not load, and the folder becomes “read-only”. When I reboot, the shortcut and folder are both gone.