CD Crashes when opening any page

removing privdog and all other extension did not solve my issue.
It still crashes when loading a page
I can browse the settings and more pages like that. It crashes on webpages

There seems to be a problem with page rendering that causes Dragon to crash. We’ve encountered this issue only with some Nvidia graphics card/driver versions.
Could you attach a screenshot of the dragon://gpu page?

Thank you.

I am sorry, but i switched back to Windows 7, because Windows 8.1 on my work laptop gave me more problems then just CD not working.
I am not sure if the graphics driver is the same i used on windows 8.1 here on windows 7, but it is an ATI card using manufacture supplied drivers


Does the issue continue to reproduce after you’ve switched to Windows 7?

Sorry for this log overdue reply, but I am still on the same install of Windows 7 as last year (no reinstall) and CD does not crash anymore.
But i guess you already fixed the issue if there was one