CD crashed when closing.

OS: Win7 Pro x64, IE 11, Newest windows updates.

CD Version (portable)

During closing CD, it crashed.

I uploaded all the snapshots to the attachment, FYI.

Tried to delete all data/folders, re-installed CD, the issue still there.

Please help.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Can you give us some more information like:

  • pages that you have loaded when the browser crashes
  • number of tabs opened
  • installed extensions and plugins
  • do you have any options checked under Settings>Show advanced settings>Clear at exit

Thank you.


  1. The pages? (I always surf these websites)
  2. less than 3 pages.
  3. I do set “Clear and exit”. The first three options.

It must be the function “Clean at exit” issue.
I unchecked this function, all works well now…