CD connects to this link every time on startup…


Why it’s try to connect to this links and how to disable it? I try to turn off many options (privacy section, etc.), plugins etc. – no result.

Thank you.

27.08.2011/22:28:31 local/
27.08.2011/22:28:31 local/
27.08.2011/22:28:32 local/
27.08.2011/22:28:33 local/ http://bbihmkjuvf/
27.08.2011/22:28:33 local/ http://tfxtathdle/
27.08.2011/22:28:33 local/ http://qdancfcnzb/
27.08.2011/22:28:36 local/

You’ve apparently locked the topic, so nobody will be able to reply. I suspect you want replies, so I’m unlocking this topic.

Oops, sorry. My fault. Thank you.

I am not quite understanding what log you have posted in your topic start. Where did you get it from?

This is my proxy log. I’m working through this proxy.

So, any comments? nobody cares?

It isn’t that nobody cares. If someone doesn’t know the answer, they’re not going to respond.