CD & Chromodo stopped working after Windows 10 Anniversary Update (v1607)

I had Windows 10 Home, version 1511 (x64), updated not 2 hours ago to version 1607 OS Build 14393.10.

After update, CD, which is the default browser I use, stopped working. The browser opens but I can’t do anything in it, like opening a web page or settings or even checking browser version. Every time I open something I get the “Aw, Snap! something went wrong…” message. Even if the only thing I open is a new tab.

Same thing happening with Chromodo. Ice Dragon works fine. The only thing I’ve tried to do so far to fix it, is to uninstall and reinstall CD, but that didn’t fix anything. And I have installed Google Chrome out of curiosity and GC works fine. So I guess it’s a CD incompatibility/bug with new version of Windows 10.

Same here!

I have the Pro version of Windows 10 x64. I have not experienced this issue. Earlier, however, I did have an issue that turned out to be one of the plugins no longer working. Removal of it resolved the issue. The plugin was the Speed Dial, the flavour I was using. Changed that, as I did want this plugin, and all is good again.

I couldn’t even access chrome://extensions/ page.

Is there any other way to remove extensions?

Uninstalled completely (my user data too) and reinstalled, everything seems fine now.

yes, that was what I had to do also

Yes, reinstalling with deleting user data seems to fix the problem.

For me this is actually the second time Comodo Dragon stops working after a major Windows 10 update… and after each I have to completely reinstall my Windows because most programs stop working properly… Windows reinstalling old stuff I delete and their obsession to reset default programs and settings messes up my system completely.

I so had enough of this…

Only a very few sites did load correctly, and it appeared to me that no default fonts were used.
So I did a little experimenting and found my issue resolved with deleting/renaming the following cache file:

%localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data\Default\ChromeDWriteFontCache

I owe you a cake!

After updating to the Win10 Anniversary my CD opened with BIG BOLD text for everything.

I feared I would have to migrate from my old CD 48.x.x.x to something newer. But searching for ChromeDWriteFontCache with the file explorer and renaming that file fixed it!

Thank you! Hopefully others who need this might find your directions. Oh, and Thank you again.

Even so I suppose I should find a way to migrate my bookmarks to a newer C browser.

I have the pro version of Windows 10 and am getting the awe snap for both Chromod and Dragon. I only took a screen shot of the Chromodo browser.