CD browser history displays current day only

I have been using CD for several months, and am currently running v33.1. When I installed it, I could display browser history listings for a period of weeks. Recently the history display window shows only the current day history listing. E.g., if I go past midnight, the display then is restricted to sites visited after 12:00 am.
I’ve found looked for Manage Browser History under Settings | Advanced Settings | Privacy | Content Settings, but all I find there is settings for cookies, images & Java.
Where can I reset the browser history to be for more than current day? What to do?

Thanks… --epsalem

Hi epsalem,
This is interesting, I am going to look further into this and try to reproduce when time permits (No promises).

Do you have any 3rd party extensions, especially privacy extensions?


Hi, Moderator,
Thanks for replying.
I’ve got a few security-type extensions: Kaspersky Internet Security (not extension),Adblock Plus, Last Pass, Commercial Ads Blocker for Facebook, Webmail Ad Blocker.
Plus these non-security: Checker+ for Gmail, Clip Better, Chrome Drag & Drop Services, Chrome Media Downloader, FaceBook Color Changer, FbQuickLogin, LinkMan, Maps Galaxy, MxHero for Chrome, NextBrowser Sync for Chrome, QuickLogin for Gmail, Tabs to the Front.
Is there any CD settings file or config file I can send you to help with this?
Hope this helps, because I’d love to be able to browse or search the full 10-week history file.
I look forward to benefiting from your investigative skills. :sunglasses:

Hi epsalem,
I admit I am stuck as to what is happening here.

Just to clarify that, you do not see an older button at the bottom of the history page to show more? Ctrl+H
Have you changed any settings or preferences around the time this started occurring?

I am not familiar with all the listed extensions, although none are jumping out as possible problem creators.
You could try disabling any that are not used regularly just to test.

You could try one or both of the following extensions to see if they can find your history, although even if they do succeed this is more of a workaround than a fix.
Better History-Chrome Web Store
eHistory-Chrome Web Store

I also suspect maybe your history storage files in your user profile may have become corrupt, but I have been reluctant to suggest deleting them to try as any previous history will be gone forever.

Note: I have asked Staff (Dev) to take a look at this topic, but they will only reply if time permits.

Sorry I am of no more help at this stage, kind regards.

Hello epsalem,

The issue does not reproduce when testing. I’ll offer a few suggestions that could provide a solution:

  1. Check the “Clear at exit” option (Settings>Show advanced settings>Clear at exit, or navigate to “dragon://settings/AutoclearBrowserData”)
  2. Check if you have cleaning software like CCleaner running a scheduled clean.
  3. Check if Dragon is running in a sandbox which is regularly cleaned.