CD and QT plugin


I have QT Lite installed but when going to see a trailer at Apple Trailers it said I had to install QT. I installed the official QT player, but even after installing that I couldn’t watch trailers as it kept on nagging to install the QT player. Does it need specific settings? How can I install QT so it will actually work in CD???


You have to restart your browser after intalling the plugin. Also make sure the plugin is enabled in dragon://plugins.


Hi, thnx for the plugin advice. Did not know that. However, the QT plugin is not there, but the VLC plugin is. Maybe that’ll work. It’s strange that the QT plugin is not available though. :-/

Well I just tried it. Allowed any plugin that might be needed. But still on Apple Trailers I cannot watch the trailers from the browser itself. Every other browser recognizes the QT plugin and works, just not Dragon.
I can watch the trailers by downloading them first and then the trailer will get openend by my favorite mediaplayer that supports .mov extensions. But it won’t play natively from inside the browser itself. It does so in Opera, IE and Firefox though.

I’ll just make this another post instead of editting my last one. I got it to work. I had both QT Lite and Quicktime (official plugin) installed. I installed Quicktime over QT Lite. I noticed in Firefox that it still uses the older Quicktime plugin (becuz QT Lite is an alternative and doesn’t update much) by QT Lite. So I uninstalled both QT Lite and Quicktime and reinstalled Quicktime and now it was visible in the plugin section of Dragon and it works. I can watch QT trailers again from within the browser. This is solved and topic may be closed. :slight_smile: