CD and duckduckgo

Hello all
I prefer to use duckduckgo as my search engine, but am unable to add it to the list of default search settings.
Post hxxps:// referred to this problem with Ixquick and instructions were given to add this.
Is it possible to add duckduckgo to the list of default search settings and to set it as the default search engine in the omnibox ?

If it doesn’t appear automatically you can add it manually:

  • Click the Comodo Dragon icon in top left.

  • Select Settings.

  • Under “Search” click “Manage search engines…”

  • Under “Other search engines” add DuckDuckGo by adding:
    [li]Name: DuckDuckGo (or anything else you want)

  • Keywoard:

  • URL: %s at DuckDuckGo

  • Under “Other search engines” you should now see “DuckDuckGo” and you should be able to hover over it and see “Make default” pop up, click that.

  • Click done and now you’re ready.

Thanks for reply.
That worked fine. I did have duckduckgo in the section Search Engines Added by Extensions, but could not see any way of adding it to the list of default engines. Now I know why !