CD 6 don't work & run

today after release cd 6 i have problem
after upgrade cd4 to cd6
there is no page after clik in icone to run cd !!!
and i return in version 4 it best

Have you tried just doing a standard install instead of an upgrade?

look at the problem when I use versin 6 ??? :-TD
there is no page

and when use version 4 it works very well :-TU

Hi, natalya

Could you please answer on these questions

Also it’s important whether you have some security software installed .



System Drive where Windows is installed (e.g. C:, “C” Drive )
Place (installation path) where Comodo Dragon is installed


Windows XP SP 2 32 -bit


It’s good that you mentioned the OS (XP sp2 x86 ) but it’s not enough to reproduce your problem (it is not reproduced).

Could you please post following information:

  • list of security software installed
  • User privileges (administrator, limited user, guest, etc.)
  • Post a list of all running processes or just attach a screenshot of ‘Task Manager’ with ‘Processes tab’ if the problem still occurs.

The browser couldn’t run from that shortcut. Have you tried to run Dragon directly from Start Menu->All Programs->Comodo->Dragon->‘Comodo Dragon’ ?

Thank you,

after disable Extensions IE-tab & Forecastfox Weather for CD4
and i try again to upgrad CD6
it work great thanks

I don’t use the IE Tab extension, but I’m using Forecastfox with no problems on Version

Hello at all Too at me ugual problem when I use versin 6 Kind regards