CD 48 not running latest flash player update in Sandbox. [Solved]

I am receiving a notice that my Adobe Flash Player is out of date when I run Comodo Dragon (version from the sandbox. I have run the update in regular mode (outside the sandbox), and afterwards, the updated version runs fine outside the sandbox. When I re-open the browser in sandbox mode, the out-of-date Flash Player still runs. I also tried to download the update in the sandbox and apply it, and that didn’t work either.

Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a solution?
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Hi rw53,
I am not experiencing the issue, but I would try resetting the sandbox.
Please note any data that is stored only in the sandbox will be deleted.
Reset the Sandbox-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

Thanks! That worked like a charm.

You are welcome.
Good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU